Caravanning Holidays

It used to be quite easy to laugh at people who go caravanning and camping, but in the actual sense millions of people do so each year. The rise of staycations and news of celebrities going for camping holidays in a luxury caravan has drawn more attention to this style of holiday. If you are interested in going caravanning it would only make sense to make sure you have adequete security measures to ensure your vehicle is safe. For those who have been caravanning and camping for quite some time know it is the ideal holiday even on a tight budget. All one has to do is invest in a sleeping bag and a tent, and off they go. Here is a look at the different camping holiday types.

Camper Vans and Motorhomes

Camper vans and motorhomes are quite a popular option with a number of members of camping clubs, once again offering very affordable holidays once the initial outlay has been removed. Remember when buying a camper van, purchase van security locks to ensure your vehicle and all it's contents are safe. The camper brings their wheels and all they need with them, without having to hook up with a vehicle.

Extra information about van security locks

Tent Pitches

These are the original versions and definitely one of the easiest ways of going on a camping holiday. Staying in tents gives the camper a lot of options. They include going wild camping and really getting away from it all, or one can camp on a certain site with wifi or baths, a site that allows campfires, or one that is equipped with launderette on site.


Glamorous camping, or shortened to just glamping, has become popular in recent times as people realize that camping is not all about tents. There is a wide variety of glamping accommodation out there, ranging from tipis, wigwams and yurts to log cabins and luxury lodges and even pods.

Convectional Caravan

Most of these caravans have an inside length of between 3 meters and 6.5 meters, and have a single axle. They can accommodate between two and six campers, depending on the layout of the interior. They usually have a washroom together with a toilet, shower and basin, as well as a kitchen area equipped with a hob, sin, a work surface together with other necessities.

Twin Axle Caravan

Heavier and larger caravans may be fitted with two axles. This gives them more stability and makes them easier to tow while on the road. However, the twin axle makes the luxury caravan more difficult to manoeuver when returning them to storage or when pitching on site.

Tiny Teardrop Trailers

These tiny but stylish trailers are popular with campers who wish to tow them using a small car. Sports cars, trikes and classic cars will normally tow them with no trouble at all. Accommodation inside them is usually basic with a double bed that covers the entire floor. Some of these caravans have room for carrying equipment and kit, together with simple cooking facilities.

Pop Top Caravans

Although they are much less popular than the initially were, pop top caravans utilize a lifting roof to give a spacious headroom in an otherwise tiny caravan. This means that during towing, the caravan has less frontal area, meaning a more economical fuel consumption resulting from less drag in the tow car. They can be parked undercover at home in a garage of convectional height.

Tiny GRP Caravans

There are a number of compact GRP caravans in the market, often referred to as fiberglass, inclusive of the Freedom caravan range. Their glass reinforced, one piece plastic body shell is long lasting and unique, meaning each unit holds its value well. Inside fittings can be somewhat basic, meaning they are relatively light when compared to premium models.